Convert your prospects into customers, with a personalized match plan

I test, optimize and make profitable your ads on Facebook according to your objectives

Why choosing Facebook ?

Did you know that 23 million people use Facebook every month in Canada? Among these 23 million men and women, it is clear that many tens or even hundreds of people have a need for your product.

Our common goal will be to find these people and offer them your products effectively.

Delegate to gain efficiency

To devote yourself to the tasks of your core business, nothing better than to call on a professional. It's his job after all.

Why ?

Because putting your ads online is a tedious and complex job,

Because optimizing your ads requires time, which you do not necessarily have,

Because knowing if you choose the right strategy can only be learned with experience.

For entrepreneurs who want results


If you're like me, you want every dollar spent on advertising to be profitable.

The results you get are the result of your work.

To be successful in your Facebook campaigns, I use this method.

How are we organize ourself ?

When we start a Facebook campaign together, you have several options:

  • You receive and apply my advice. You benefit from all my expertise to optimize your campaign yourself
  • Together we create the 30-day action plan so that I can evaluate and optimize your investment. From then on you have the choice to let me manage the growth of your budget over 3 months and target new audiences


  • We make an appointment together

    I offer you 30 minutes of coaching. It allows you to discuss your needs and ambitions for your Facebook advertising campaigns. You can ask me all your questions.

  • We define the objectives of your campaign

    Once you are ready to launch your campaign, we validate together the goals we set for ourselves.

  • I launch hostilities

    I integrate conversion events that will track your results in real time and put online the selected Facebook ads.

  • I optimize Facebook ads and targeting

    After several days of testing, the ads and the targeting that we have agreed will have given their first results. We can maximize your return on investment by optimizing this data for the entire agreed period.

  • You receive a report of results

    At the end of the first 30 days of running your ads, I will provide you with a report of the results. This way, you will know exactly how much you have spent, and what it has brought you.

  • You decide what happens next

    Once the report is submitted, you decide freely to continue or stop your ad spend on Facebook

30-Day Consulting Formula
$400Custom advices
  • Initial consultation offered
  • Define success criteria for your campaign
  • Tips for optimizing your email capture pages
  • Tips for optimizing your campaign
Take an appointment

Without engagement. 6 hours of consulting divided into one month. I advise you. You make the change

Self-Management Formula 30 days
$2 000$650 of service included
  • Initial consultation offered
  • Define success criteria for your campaign
  • Optimizing your email capture pages
  • Deep optimization of your campaign
  • Receipt of the results report on your return on investment
  • Decision to continue or not with me
Take an appointment

All inclusive and without commitment. Including $650 of service. I manage everything for you

Auto-Management Growth Formula
$2 500$500 of service included
  • Determining the budget of your campaign
  • Definition of the desired return on investment
  • A / B test of your Facebook ads
  • Optimizing the targeting of your campaigns
  • Receiving a monthly report of the performance of your campaigns
  • You decide whether or not to continue outsourcing the management of your ads
Take an appointment

With a commitment of 3 months. For a higher advertising budget, please contact me

The method I use: Tests, Results, Optimizations.

In the first week, we analyze together and define the hypotheses to be tested. Once this is done, I create the first ads and monitor the first results of the audience we will have together.

In week 2, I test and optimize your ads: images, texts, titles, links.

In week 3, I increase the size of the audience thanks to the features of Facebook: Geographical area, age, gender, interests, investments.

In week 4, I eliminate the criteria of your hearing which are not profitable for you and I intensify those which lead to proven results.

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